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Test 1 - Hot Comics to Invest in Right Now!!!

Test 1 - Hot Comics to Invest in Right Now!!!

Here are 10 'hot' comics we are buying right now. These comics should experience an increase in demand and we like the long-term risk/reward potential based on recent news.
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#1 Fantastic Four 4

1st Appearance of Namor (in Silver Age)

Why?: Just watch the new Black Panther 2 trailer. Namor is about as Legit as it gets in deep Marvel history and lore. This comic is off the charts. If only there were more in circulation at a higher grade.

#2 Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6

1st Appearance of El Muerto

Why?: Bad Bunny! If you don’t know who he is, do some research. This guy is a living marketing legend and is currently one of the biggest headliners in entertainment. He will bring an incredible amount of attention to this comic. Buckle up! I was lucky enough to grab this comic at CBCS for $441 a few weeks ago.

#3 Fantastic Four #33

1st Appearance of Attuma

Why?: Attuma looks amazing in the Black Panther 2 trailer. Great character and if you are a completist like me, you will need one of these, along with some Tiger Shark, Namora, Namorita, Burrah, and even Wave. All get boosts in spec consideration.

Other 9.8 comics we want now, 1st apps of these:

Killmonger - Is that a Gold Black Panther?

Black Knight


Adam Warlock

Pip the Troll



Heralds of Galactus

RiRi Williams

Anya Corazon

Spider-Woman – Julia Carpenter

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